Banks Babies – all your questions answered

It’s a Banks Photography baby boom!  I have been shooting tons of babies lately and have had so many questions that I thought it would be a good idea to create a blog post dedicated to giving you details about our baby shoots.

1.  Do you offer 1 year baby packages?  Yes.  Our one year packages include maternity, newborn, 3, 6, 9, and 12 month sessions.  Sessions can include DVD of images with printing rights.  Please email me if you are interested in viewing the full price guide.

2.  When and where do you shoot newborn sessions?  Newborn sessions are shot in your home or mine in the first two weeks of life.  Peaceful, sleeping babies and the best for shoots and you will find this  type of baby mostly in the first two weeks.

3.  Do you have baby props?  Yes.  I have a handful of things that I love to shoot with but I am also open to you providing blankets, bowls, baskets, etc.  It is always fun for the family to use things that have meaning to them!

4.  Should we, the parents, be in photos?  Until the baby is at least 6 months, you should plan on being in the photos.  Sometimes babies do not cooperate (I know, surprising 🙂 but if you are able to hold the baby and be in the photo, we can still get great stuff!

5.  Should I wait to shoot the 6 month session until the baby can sit up?  Yes!  Most babies will sit on their own between 6-7 months.  It is best if they can sit on their own for the 6 month session.  I can then capture a big step in their development.

6.  Do you offer 1 year books?  I do offer 1 year books.  I have high end coffee table books, smaller albums for grandparents, and affordable press products.

7.  How long are the sessions?  My baby sessions are generally 30 minutes.  The newborn session can range from 30 minutes-1 hour depending on how cooperative the baby is.

8.  How long does it take to get the DVD?  The images and DVD are ready 1-2 weeks after the shoot.

9.  Can I make payments on the 1 year package?  Yes, you can definitely make payments.  You will make a full session payment at each session and then the discount will come on the final session.

10.  Do you offer a referral bonus?  Definitely!  For each person you refer, you will receive $20 of Banks Bucks, good towards any session, class, or product that we offer.

11.  Where can I view more of your baby work?  Please view our work on the website or on Facebook.

That all being said, I would LOVE to shoot you and your baby during the first year.  We are now taking new baby clients for 2012-2013.  Please email if you have interest in our first year package or individual sessions.

And here are some shots from our recent baby shoots!

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